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On November 24, 1998, the decree of the President of Lithuania confirmed
the coat of arms of Karmelava. Author R. Rimkunas
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Karmelava is one of the oldest settlements of Lithuania.

The name of Karmelava is also mentioned in the 14th-century Crusaders’ description of roads. Karmelava Estate was mentioned since the late-15th century.

A church was built in 1529. Barbora Radvilaite became the governor of Karmelava and its environs in 1549. In later years, Karmelava was governed by Mykolas Lietuvis, Clerk of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and noble families of Pacas, Oginskis, Koncius, and Sirutis.

In 1613, the name of Karmelava could already been found on the first state map of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The parish first school was mentioned in 1663.

In 1792, the town was granted the Magdeburg Rights and coat of arms.

In the early-20th century, a Girls’ Housekeeping School was set up in the former Karmelava Estate Manor. The school was closed in 1940.

Karmelava became the centre of a rural district in 1950, and the centre of the subdistrict – in 1995.

The subdistrict is famous for its international airport occupying the area of 500 ha.

A small town of Karmelava (1,392 inhabitants) is the centre of the subdistrict comprising 14 villages. Karmelava II (1,935), Ramuciai (1,241) and Biruliskes (89) are the larger ones.
Territory: 4,083 hectares, of them 37.8% are forests, 32% – agricultural lands, 30.2% – waters and areas of other designation.

Population: 5,102 inhabitants, of whom 2,765 are women, and 2,337 – men.
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Subdistrict facilities:
an airport, a Balys Buracas Secondary School, a post office, 2 libraries, a community centre, a church, an outpatient centre, 3 chemist’s shops, 10 shops, 10 café-bars and a veterinary service.
Business: agriculture and forestry, public service, food production.

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Numerous outstanding figures of national culture, society, or history have some connections with Karmelava. Special contribution to the welfare of the town was contributed by BALYS BURACAS - ethnographer, photographer, and educator. In 1998 Karmelava Secondary School was named after him.
The parish first school was mentioned in 1663.
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