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Mazeikiai is a town in the Northern Lithuania, and it is situated on the river Venta. It is known that in the 13th century this land suffered a lot from the crusaders. In 1863 the Liepoja- Romno railway was laid. One of the stops was named after a farm whose master was Mažeika. This was the way how Mazeikiai was named. In 1887 the first streets were laid, a chemist's and other shops were opened. The first wooden church was built in 1904. In 1907, a society "Saule" was founded which opened the first school.
Now there are 392 monuments and cultural values registered in Mažeikiai district. 70 of them are archaeological, 28- architectural, 131- art, 150-historical, 3- urban monuments. There are 12 mounds, 3 windmill survivals.
Mazeikiai Mazeikiai
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