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 Since old times Lithuania was famous for flax cloth. Women were mostly concerned about flax. They took care, weeded, pulled, spread, scutched, hatcheled, spinned, weaved, bleached, sewed clothes.
 Men usually sew seeds and later women took care about them. At the end of summer flax- pulling season started. Flax was put into shocks. They had to be dried, then thrashed. After that they passed many stages of preparation while flax turned into fibre.
Rodyti originalaus dydžio paveikslą.
The tool for thread spinning
Then using scutcher fibre was cleaned and hackled. The hackle was very similar to a brush. Tow was separated from fibre. The pure fibre was winded into a ball and prepared for spinning.
Rodyti originalaus dydžio paveikslą.
 Tow was used to weave sacks, horse- cloths.
 The flax threads were used to weave linen, underclothing, sheets, table- cloths.
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