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Mazeikiai Kazimieras Jagminas primary school
 We're glad you've found us. You're invited to get acquainted with us more closely. We're small, but we can do much.
 The school was founded in 1994. There were 18 teachers and 353 pupils. In 1995 the advanced teaching of art and English was included in to the syllabus. In 1998 the school joined in the international project "Step by Step".
 Nowadays there are 25 teachers (7 of them are methodologists, 18- senior teachers), 15 forms (1-4 grades), 390 pupils. The life at our school is interesting. Traditional thematic weeks, leaving parties for 4th graders, various contests became annual.
 Pupils take part in different art contests. They exibit their works not only at school but in other towns too (Šiauliai "Laiptai" gallery). Mass occasional meetings take place at our school together with grandparents, parents and pupils from other schools. The most popular are: "The green chemist's", "Bee, bring me honey", "Let's sing national/folk songs" etc.
 Teachers constantly take part in the seminars, share experience, read reports at other schools. We're in close relations with Šiauliai "Centro" primary school.
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