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School project "Living and working in Europe"
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Polytechic school in Vienna decorated with flags of partner countries
This project should enable all kinds of disabled participating pupils to get an overview about living styles and working methods in different European countries.
Our project partners are:
1. "BuSO SINT-FERDINAND", Belgium (the project coordinator)
2. "RIGAS 4H. SPECIALA INTERNATSKOLA", Latvia (p.partner)
3. POLITECHNISCHE SCHULE 3, Wien, Austria (p.partner)
4. PAIVAHARJUN KOULU, Finland (p.partner)
5. RAMUČIŲ SECONDARY SCHOOL, Naujoji Akmenė, Lithuania (p.partner)
This project started in September 2003. The funds for this project were recieved just in December 2003.
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All photos are from teacher's meeting in Vienna
In december each partner school made a presentation of the local Christmas traditions, local stories and a typical Christmas recipe. Some students also presented themselves by means of a photo and some written text. Some of them also made Christmas cards and presented their Christmas menus. All these items have been sent to each partner school.
Every school worked with design of logo and sent it to the coordinating school. An international jury will be asked to choose the final and winning design that will be used during the rest of the project over the 3 years.
It was a short meeting in Vienna, the capital of Austria, on 14-18 of February. Two teachers from our school took part in this meeting. They were Regina Altukaviciene and Virginijus Andruska (coordinator).We've talked about the logo and we've made some practical appointments for the final meeting of that project. It'll take place in Lummen (Belgium). Some students are going to take part in that meeting. Two teachers and one student from our school are going to take part there, too.
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In March a student from each school will present himself and talk about his practical experience and lessons during one whole school week. The result will be presented with a video, pictures, text... and will be exchanged between the partner schools. In April and May the students will work about music, local and international groups and also about traditional songs. They will also talk about their activities and hobbies after the school.
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The meeting of project partners in Vienna
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A monument for the victims of plague
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