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Kamanai nature reserve

The land of Akmenė has a unique nature corner – Kamanai nature reserve. As we had read and heard about it, we were eager to see it with our own eyes. We will never forget that wonderful place.
Rodyti originalaus dydžio paveikslą.
The Kamanai national reserve was established in 1979. The area of the reserve is 3935 hectares. Flora and fauna here is different and unique. In Kamanai reserve 982 kinds of plants are registered. Insects are the most common among animals and there are over 950 sorts of them. This reserve is home for 197 sorts of birds, 44 sorts of mammals. Small swamps and lakelets, which are difficult to get to, are the most interesting and exotic places of Kamanai marshland. Nimfėjų and Salų lakelets are the most beautiful ones. Kamanai lake is the largest, it takes the area of about 6 hectares. However you will fail in swimming in this lake, as the bottom of it is covered with peat and its banks are hardly reachable.
Melioration started in Soviet times did much harm, but it was stopped in time and the nature was saved. Beavers building their homes – weirs, help to save the wetland. Staying in the reserve we heard songs of different birds, enjoyed a herd of rare plants. We had to splash through the swamps, but small wooden paths on deeper places helped us.
Rodyti originalaus dydžio paveikslą.
It is a really wonderful nature corner. If you have not been there, do it at once! Before going it is necessary to contact the directorate of Kamanai state reserve in Akmenė-2 village. It is forbidden to go there without their permission. The workers of this reserve will show you around…
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