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Nowadays village  Vegeriai is dying. It was a small town before  the War. Vegeriai – is an exceptional  ethnographical village and the only northest place in Lithuania. Vegeriai is situated on the border with Latvia on the north. There are fields on the  south part and orthodox cemetery. On the east we can see a forest and a mound of Luokava.There were  dances and songs at the feast of “Joninės“ with Latvians.
      Community of village Vegeriai was formed of 4 nationalities: Lithuanians, Latvians, Russians and the Jews. All nations lived friendly, but celebrated their festivals seperately and in different time. People told, that the Jews celebrated“Tents‘ festival“ at the begining of November. 6 or 10 days the Jews lived in the tents, which were made from alders and covered with fir twigs. They didn‘t wash or comb. They prayed a lot and penanced.
      Russians celebrated the Easter twice a year: with Catholics and later their own orthodox.They had no dyed eggs.They coloured eggs red and blue.
      There are three streets in Vegeriai, where there are “the last Mokihan“ houses. There are old houses and some newed ones, which are ethnographicaly most interesting.
     Nowadays the church of saint Jurgis is restored, to be exact – it is a prayer house.There are church services once a month. Latvians can go to Lutheran church in Alkiškiai. It seems, that there are no the Jews and orthodoxes at all. In such a way the life  changed in Vegeriai – in the northest village of Lithuania. People don‘t sing any longer. There is only one cultural center – the library. There are no shops, schools, post offices or medical service. All that were existed before 20 years. Today there are 43 yards with 100 inhabitants in Vegeriai.
 (This was written by local ethnographer Julija Almanienė )            

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There is only one cultural center – the library.
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Rodyti originalaus dydžio paveikslą.
Rodyti originalaus dydžio paveikslą.
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