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About the project
The pupils and teachers of Darbenai secondary school have a possibility to participate in Netd@ys Europe action we would like to introduce you to our cultural heritage- small folk architecture. A lot of wonderful roadside poles with a statuette of a saint and sculptures are left in our countryside. Our national masters continue old traditions and create new folk wares. They are very interesting and inimitable in their unique beauty.
We’d like present you our mythological and archeological.
Only some kilometers from our small town, hear the border of Lithuania and Latvia, in the winding of the river Juodupe you can find one of the most beautiful mound in Lithuania. It is called Ipiltis mound.
We’d like to tell you about our culture and to find new friends too.
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We live 11 km. away from the Baltic Sea in the west of Lithuania in Kretinga district Darbenai is hear the border of Lithuania and Latvia. The river Sventoji flows between these two countries.
The name of Darbenai is related with the name of river Darba.
In 1990 Darbenai celebrated the 400th anniversary.    

Our address:
Darbenai secondary school
Laukzemes street 6
97265 Darbenai Kretinga district
e-mail  darbenuvm@darbenai.kretinga.lm.lt
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