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Panevėžio Jaunuolių dienos centras
Kranto g. 16
LT - 35173, Panevėžys

Tel.: +370 45 582598
Faks.: +370 582593
Lina Trebiene Lina Trebiene
L.e.p. direktorė
Kristina Raščiuviene Kristina Raščiuviene
Projekto Netd@ys koordinatorė
About Panevezys Youngster Day Care centre
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Day Care Centre is a social service institution that was established in 1996 by Panevėžys Town Council. It provides day activities for disabled persons severe and moderate physical and intellectual impairment over 18 years of age. These activities include small work tasks, drama, art, sport, IT and informal education. Panevėžys also provides social care for its clients. Its mission is to foster the uniqueness of each person while working towards the integration of disabled people into society. It gives a lot of importance to links with the community and organizes special activities such as a theatre festival, sport competitions and Christmas activities.
       Panevėžys Day Care Centre is constantly seeking to develop through professional staff development, creating new activities that lead to development opportunities for disabled people and cooperating with organizations in other countries.
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Date created:03/02/04
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