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Who can deny that Lithuania is a beautiful country?! Some places of interest, e.g. Trakai, Vilnius, attract many visitors. Other places like the northern part of Lithuania are a little bit forgotten. For that reason I want to present you Joniškėlis and its beautiful sights.
Joniškėlis was the very first village in Lithuania which had a hospital and also a systematic teaching of agriculture. Moreover, it is a homeland of the Karpiai who were the landlords. Strangelly, but this village was mentioned in historical documents only in  1606 , in the testament of Martynas Švoba.  Then the village was called Janiškiai. There was an estate but no church. Kotryna Puzinienė solved that problem. Unfortunately, the wooden church was destroyed by the fire in 1693. No remains are left.
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St Trinity church was built in 1792 by Benediktas Karpis. Its beauty and a high tower attract visitors. St Trinity church is ascribed to classicism but a few details of the tower are in baroque. Benediktas Karpis decided to build it after his visit to India. One church caught his eye and the landlord made up his mind to build a similar one in Lithuania. The legend says that Benediktas Karpis killed his brother and the Pope ordered to build a church if he wanted to be forgiven and expiate his guilt.
St Trinity Church played a very important role in the life of Joniškėlis. It attracted a lot of parishoniers and handicraftsmen.
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Gabrielė Petkevičaitė -  Bitė was born in 1861, in Panevėžio discrict. She was a writer. She graduated from Mintaujos secondary school which was only for girls. Then Gabrielė Petkevičaitė – Bitė attented the course of bee-keeping and passed doctor‘s assisstent examination. She lived in Joniškėlis till 1901. Gabrielė worked in hospital and also in school. Moreover, she collaborated on forbidden Lithuanian press since 1890.
Later, Joniškėlio secondary school was named after Gabrielė Petkevičaitė – Bitė.
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Benediktas Karpis was a landlord which was extremely rich. He was known as a very mean person.  It is believed that he killed his brother.
Ignas Karpis, the son of Benediktas Karpis, differed from his father. He built a hospital and established agricultural school. Unfortunately, he died being young. After his death Eustachijus Karpis inherited the riches. The grandson of Eustachijus Karpis was the last of the Karpiai.
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