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Personality of Anatolijus Stisko
Rodyti originalaus dydžio paveikslą.
    Village Griežionis is not far away from village Lyduokiai. Artist Anatolijus Stiško moved to a very old house in Griežionis about twenty years ago.
Anatolijus Stiško is a small man with a white beard. His head is always upraised and he is a man with a strong character. The artist has nice brown eyes. His movements remind us those of pilgrims who always travel, but now he has settled in the district of Ukmergė.
    Anatolijus Stiško was a student at Charkov Art Institute. Once he saw a picture by Algimantas Stoškus and came to Lithuania in Vilnius where he made aquaintance with Algimantas Stoškus. In 1966 Anatolijus Stiško graduated from Vilniaus Art Institute and chose the career of a painter.
     After he had finished Vilniaus Art Institute he lived and worked in Kaunas. A. Stiško created a lot, but it was difficult to do it in the town. He felt bad because of the noise and he couldn’t concentrate. This made him move to the village of Lyduokiai.
A.Stiško is a well-known artist. The Ministry of Art and Culture awarded him for his works with money prize. Also, he won a prize in a picture-show held in Mascow.
The painter’s works of art have been exhibited in Bulgaria, Germany and in Trejakov gallery in Mascow. There were exhibitions in cities in Lithuania: Vilnius and Klaipėda, but most of his pictures can be seen in M.K.Čiurlionio Art museum in Kaunas.
Anatolijus Stiško quite often goes to Germany. He was successful in his exhibitions in Gornburgas, then in Goslaras town which is near Hanoveris.
He brought there some works of young artists from Ukmergė Art School, and they were prized by the visitors of the exhibitions, which made the children happy.
Rodyti originalaus dydžio paveikslą.
The nearest cultural centre to the place where A.Stiško lives is the village of Lyduokiai which is about twenty kilometers away from Ukmergė. It also is not far away from the regional centre. Nevertheless A.Stiško has got a great baggage of cultural achievement, i.e. he’s got much classical music and he has documents proving how hard M.K.Čiurlionis worked and about his difficulties in his way to Petrograd. Besides, he can perform the verses by E.Mieželaitis “Čia-Lietuva” and has achieved many other worthy cultural things which have become the national value. Therefore, A. Stiško is more Lithuanian than any other Lithuanian from birth.

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