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Impressions of participants
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We are the 11th form students of Jono Basanaviciaus secondary school. other people think that we are interesting of our individual. We are interested in the world, nature, people and art. We decided to take part in this project and to visit one very special person, who's name is Anatolijus Stisko.
Anatolijus Stisko - worthy of art character, the winner in the art competition.
This is how the profesors describe him, but what the children of Ukmerge think about A.Stisko after the day with him?
We weren't very happy because the day was windy and cold. But a few minutes later one very friendly, resounding, genially old man met us. He looked  like Santa Claus. We remember very fat, friendly, nice and good uncle, who gives presents to children and makes them very happy. But I was a bit wrong...
When the artist started telling about rebuilt roadside pole of a saint the village of Lyduokiai, his best friend Elzbieta, journeys. We forgot everything in the world: the day time, problems and school.
His telling was very lively, genially and interesting. Everything had disappered.
A little bit later A.Stisko asked to come in the home. We were very surprised because his house was very homely.
he met us like the biggest guest and it was very nice. Smell of oil paint told us that this house is the art temple. The artist showed his lastest works and they were fabulous. He told us about two brothers Kazimiera Katina and Gabrieliu Katina who rebuilt roadside pole of a saint.
I want to say where i was wrong about A.Stisko. Yes, he looks like the Santa Claus, but in his heart. He is the nicest and the most marvelous person in my life. He gives us love, friendship, harmony. I think that he is such a good person because he loves the world, life and other people.
Thank you, for living in this world and helping us to choose our life road.
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