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                The Poželvės hill
         The hills in the native land of Želva

The ground of the native land in Želva are hilly. There are some old hills not far from Želva. They are very interesting, because their ancestor is very mystery. In the north east, after  2 km from the borough is Poželvės hill. It’s alike at the loaf of the bread. This hill in 1936 year explored Petras Tarasenka. Appoint that in the native land of Želva people lived in II – III millennium before Christ.

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               The Mateikiškiai hill
There is Mateikiškiai hill after 3 km from Želva. The legend tell us, that this hill like a grave banhed to the one mister, who was bury in the vault. The next story about, how there rested the military of Napoleon and how they stowed the asset. This place they designated hill.

More mystery barrows and old graves storys. There are a lot of old graves and barrows not far from Želva: in Šilninkai, Bliūdašilis.

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