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        The graveyard of Jews
            The footsteps of Jews culture

There is the graveyard of Jews opposite the school.The appearance of it is dated from the 18th century.People of Jewish nationality are visiting old graveyard in oder to find some data connected with their past.There are lots of houses,where Jews lived long time ago in Zelva.Surely,local people are living here.
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               House of Jews
According to the statistics,84 families of Jews,35 of Lithuanian and 3 Russian families lived in Zelva.Their main source of living was trade.Jews got on well with Lithuanian people.
Most of Jews were shot in September of 1941.Some of them left Zelva earlier in the beginning of the 19th-20th century.Those who avoided death in such a way,settled in Brazil,France,in the United Kingdom,in Africa.Most of them found each other later and even created their own internet page,wich was called by the old name of Zelva-Pozelva.One of the creators of this page-young citizen of Brazil,Fernando Klabin,who is the ambasador of Rumunia.But he is not the only famous person who has lived in Zelva.
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         The neglected Synagogue
CV Nisan Golumbas is also very well known man.He is known as the teacher of Hebrarian language and music.He has published several books,assembled some folk melodies and prayers.Abraomas Kolbinas-Kolinskis, widly known over the world in Jewish community,was also born in Pozelva in 1879.Moreover,he is the leader of sionizm.The dinasty of Kalbinai was also very well known in Zelva.The members of this dinasty visited Zelva in 2002.Sir Aronas Klugas,the proffesor of Cambridge university,the winner of Nobel prize in 1982,also was born in Zelva in 1926.

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