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          A cross in the Paželviai
            The monuments of Želva

The monuments of Želva is connected with old traditions, history and important events. Each village and even almost eahc family had a cross or a chapel. It is sad that these monuments of architecture didn’t endure, they were destroyed during the Soviet occupation. The names of the architects are also unknown. The old tradition to build crosses, chapels and other symbols was revived when Lithuania regained it’s independence.
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This sculpture was build opposite the school
The monuments of architecture emerged in Želva when the school celebrated it’s 80th jubilee. The new composition was build opposite the school ( it is the book held in the hands ). The name of the sculptor who created this composition is R.Zinkevičius.
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The composition of oaken figures
The new composition of oaken figures was build in the inside yard of the School in 1999 when the 90th jubilee of the School was celebrated. ( There are 12 buds simbolizing the nuture of young people ( from the 1st till the 12th form )). The author of the sculpture is a young painter – V.Ramoška.

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The parson of Želva Petras Avižienis  implemented lots of projects: a big white cross was build near the road Želva-Kiaukliai in oder to memorize partisans at the place of their desecration.The names of the partisans are written on the cross. The author of this monument is Henrikas Šilgalis.

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          The cross of millenium
Because of the initiative of the parson P.Avižienis one more monument was build – the cross of millenium “For those who suffered, are suffering or will be suffering”. The authors of the monument are K.Jaroševaitė and V.Urbanavičius.
Although these monuments are simple and small but they decorate the motherland.
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