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              The church of Želva
   Church - the Centre of Culture

The curch in Želva was built in 1892 under the guidance of its priest J.Stapulionis. It is woonden and looks like a develing house. The front of the church has some features of classicizm.

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Opposite the church there is a belfry
Opposite the church there is a belfry built of stone. A tall cross could be seen at the top of it’s roof. Both buildings are surronuded by a stone fence.
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            The chapel of Skuoliai
A slender stone chapel stands at the distance of 3 kilometres from Želva. It was built in 1846 and It is of neoclassical style. Every year St.Antanas’ church festival is celebrated there.

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The organ of Želva church
There is a unique organ made in 1898 in the church of Želva, there are some pictures by Antanas Radzevičius, painted in the style of classicism there too.
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Priest of Želva Petras Avižienis
The curch is the place for public worship and the centre of culture at the same time. Priest Petras Avižienis who has been working here since 1989, restored the chapel in Skuoliai, organized children’s choir, children’s and youth centre, founded the Caritas society, published the local newspaper “Želvelė”, put in order the surroundings of the parsonage and the cemetery: Thanks to the his works the life in Želva is nicer.
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