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   These hatchets were found in 1962
             The ancient things tell...

"From of our forefathers’ mode of life". It is the name of the corner in our school museum. Here yuo can find five hatchets mode of stone. They date back to the second and third thousand years, B.C. These hatckets were found in 1962 near the Paželviai mound.

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            The ancient torches
Here we can find other ancient things too. Such as ancient torches in wooden frames which were used in the XIX – XX century. There is an ancient candlestick made of copper from unknown estate.
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              The ancient irons
Our visitors can see smootcking irons that were heated with the help of coal. A lot of things are made of wood. There is a heavy hammer to scutch clay, a wooden instrument to smooth a straw roof, a board for doing the washing up.

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                The shelf of mortars
You will see not big a wooden box with a holder. It had been used to carry butter to the market. There are mortars of different sizes in which the grain had been grinded.
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                The ancient shoes
On a separate shelf you can find ancient shoes. This is a pair of sandals made of a single piece of  leather to wear in warm weathes. You can see a pair of shoes with wooden soles of the XX century, which was worn of women and men at that time.

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                     A spinning
A spinning – wheel is the biggest thing in the museum. From ancient times women had been spinning flax, wool, also they twisted thread. To the spinning – wheel you can see some parts of a wearing loom next.  Up to now we can find weaving – looms  in some villages. It is impossible to keep the weaving – loom in the museum because of lack of space.

Among ancient things you can see tiny and beautiful things. There is a wooden box with a mirror where you can put letters or jewellery.
People who made these things died many years ago. Looking at these things you can feel the warth of the hands of those skilful masters.
Nowadays the Lithuanians often bring ancient things of their ancestors to their homes. They believe that these things are capable to protect them from disaster.
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Date created:04/07/04
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