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  The young actors of Želva in 1939 - 1940
                Želva was always bright

We can begin searching for the traces of culture in interwar Želva.The children grew into great talents during this period. From Želva native theatricals Aldona and Aleksandras Kupstai, publicist and dramaturge Arnas Šaltenis and others of them ilk. The school was always the centre of culture. Even Performances were build with help of youth.
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Countryside orchestra of Želva in 1985
The siege of soviets was wery stand but people of Želva were good – temperea, particulary, when the heads of local farm were Valentinas Nenorta ( 1959 – 1968 ) and Jonas Vinckus ( 1980 – 1988 ). There were  recreation with several artistic collectives in Želva: national dancing, dramatic studio, chorus of males and mixed chorus, company of femail, wind – instrument band.
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                          Event of sport in 1982
From 1960 were organised event of sport and art. People liked these events. When the J.Vinckus took the lead, he started to develope the sport of horses, arrange winter and summer galas. They were known wery well in Lithuania.

In 1985 J.Vinckus built a big and modern recreation center. Unhapilly it is derelict now. Lots of famous actors, singers and poets were visiting Želva during this time.
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The young singers of Želva school
The cultural life of Želva is absoluty different now. The voices of young singers sound is school. There is the club of drama.

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      The Catholic gala in 1989 in Želva
In Želva are celebrating Catholic and calender galas.
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