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The trip to KTU Faculty of Humanitarian Sciences
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Ready for the lecture
On a sunny, but windy Wednesday of April, (April 24th, 2013) we had a short trip to KTU Faculty of Humanitarian sciences . The 7th-8th form pupils with the guiding teachers (Mrs Regina Marija Petkeviciene, Mrs Nina Burygina, Mrs Asta Pranaitienė, Mrs Vitalija Raubienė , Mrs Vilma Skuciene and Mrs Egle Grinkeviciene) left school at about 10:45 am.
We arrived to the faculty at approximately 12'o clock. We were welcomed by the Spanish lady named Sylvia. Later, we were offered seats at a spacious conference hall. Some of us were really enjoying the event, and some were trying to hide their faces from the camera.
Rodyti originalaus dydžio paveikslą.
We are always having fun
Later, the predon of the faculty introduced us with the meaning of the foreign languages. Afterwards, an Italian lecturer introduced us to Italy, Italian language, what it's special for  etc. .
Furthermore,  the lecturer Sylvia introduced us to Spain, and the Spanish language. She didn't even notice, when she started speaking Spanish with us and it was a bit confusing, but a great fun too.
Rodyti originalaus dydžio paveikslą.
The French and Latin lecturer Birute, introduced us to these languages. She told us about her past experience in relation to the  French language and Kaunas"Zalgiris" basketball team. We further discussed the similarities among all the languages, and enjoyed the time spent together.
We hope to have more trips like this. We enjoyed it very much.

                                                                   Aironas Šyvis
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