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Socrates project „Let‘s know our roods celebrating at the European table“. It is a project which includes four ES countries. One of them is Lithuania. The aim of this project is - to analyze European culture‘s similarities and differences. Project also takes important role in teaching students other languages.
Activities at school
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This project is being held in our school. Students have made and exchanged booklet „My country, my city, my school“during the school year. Also, students from all schools exchanged stories about how they celebrate Christmas and Easter.
Our school students send music, drawings, cards and even dishes or their recipes, witch are connected with those festivals.
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Participants of our school visited some countries. They visited Poland in 2005, Czech Republic in 2006 and now they have plans to visit France in 2007 years. Students were traveling by bus.  Traveling by bus has some advantages: it is cheaper and more students can travel at one time. Besides, pupils could see more nature. In spite of the fact that students got more knowledge about other countries culture and customs, they missed some lessons. However, during the tour they gained more skills and get more experience than sitting at the lessons.

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A large number of people, who participated in this project, said that they liked to travel and communicate with pupils of other countries, but there was an occasion when only seven students could travel. Between them was some jealous and disagree, because not all students could be taken. The teachers had to spend a lot of time by helping children to prepare and take care of documents, which were needed to take students into the travel. Therefore teachers didn’t have time enough to prepare properly for the lessons in school.
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All in all, such projects help to develop communication skills, to meet students from other countries, to know interesting facts about their culture, customs and festivals. Also it is a good way to learn foreign languages. Students are still exchanging letters with others participants of other countries which were involved in this project.
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