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There are some teachers and students who participate in the project “Encourage the future” and prepare meetings with people who made good carriers and are well known after finishing our school.

Main activities

There are organize varieties of meetings with the famous people in the „Encourage the future“ project. These people are organizing debates and conversations about schools and students future. They share their experience with pupils, reveal the secrets of their success and their stories encourage school starters and leavers go for the better qualification and have better life in the future. This project is important for the students’ as well as teachers’ future carriers and students educational process.

People‘s opinions

We asked some pupils what they think about  „Encourage the future“ project. Half of the tested students told that this project is very interesting and useful. They also said that it made them believe in themselves and the future. Not all in one opinion were the same. Some pupils argued with others that this project is boring and not useful. In their opinion it wouldn’t change anything. So students’ opinions were different.


Apart from this that some students opinions are different about this project, people who have organized this project believe that during some years  schools leavers will have better organization and communication skills, personal responsibilities and tolerance. But the main thing is to get the perfect job in which you could open yourself, absorb new skills and always go forward in the future.
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Date created:10/16/06
Last change:10/16/06
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