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    The main visitors in the website are pupils. Some of them come just to read commentaries in the chat, however there are a little part of members, who communicate and always write their commentaries in the forum these pupils are taking about 17 % of all website members.

Popular topics:
There are a lot of great topics in the forum such as free time, music films and TV. More popular themes are school life, events, news and science.  But the best the most popular of all is “absolutely nothing” there are chatting about smoking, attitude to world and funny jokes.  

Advantages and disadvantages:  
   At first sight, the website looks not very special. But this opinion is false, because all pupils and their teachers can  speak their minds and communicate to each other. There are a lot of information about events,
which  play in the school life. Everyone can see a lot of interesting pictures from each classes as well as school’s celebrations, projects and summer works.
   On the other hand this website has some disadvantages such as a nickname, because if someone irates somebody, that bad guy is not known and the others can just predict who is he or she… The second problem is a number of members just about 5% are Julijanke’s project members of all school’s students, because this page is not well known. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the internet.        

   To sum up all, Julijanke’s not official website was created by students, so it means that it was needed and useful for active teachers and pupils.  But it is a shame, that not everyone understands the benefits of this project.      

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Date created:10/16/06
Last change:10/18/06
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