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Idea of the project:
A project idea is to encourage and raise intention of studying to those who don’t want it and think that they don’t need it. By this purpose organizers of this project invited famous people who were students like everyone and graduated school and have good jobs or became famous not only in Lithuania but in other Europe countries. These guests come to schools, tell their own stories also answers the questions. So students listen with interest. Meetings are very interesting so students like it.
Importance of the project:
“Encourage the future” is important for teachers to improve their skills, also for students because they can improve their skills. But the most important object of the project is a student, usually lost in the search of the right way of the life. In this situation encouragement of that person who was sitting in the same desk, was making the same mistakes, but today he is a respectable person, is very important
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In conclusion, this project was very successful. Students could know what they need to require from themselves, teachers can give advice for students. As a result, it is recommended that there would be made more such projects.
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Date created:10/18/06
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