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Article linkDrąsinkime ateitį (En)(10/18/06, Biriukas)
This report is about project which had to show to students what they can reach after graduating school.
Article linkEcourage the Future(10/16/06, Lina Sakalaite, Zivile Jakubauskaite)

This report is about a national degree project, in which participate many secondary schools and our school is one of them
Article linkENO project at school(10/16/06, Šumskaitė)
ENO-Environment Online is a global virtual school for sustainable development and environmental awareness. Four environmental themes are studied within a school year on a weekly basis. About 300 schools from 90 countries take part. The ENO programme has b
Article linkJulijanke(10/18/06, Ramune Drutyte, Rasa Martinkute)
   The purpose of this report is to review the advantages and disadvantages, visitors' opinions and popular topics of a new not official website of   Kaunas Julijanava secondary school.
Article linkSocrates project(10/18/06, Ugne Kecioryte, Vilma Rutkauskaite)

The purpose of this report is to introduce Socrates project „Let‘s know our roods celebrating at the European table“. It is a project which includes four ES countries. One of them is Lithuania. The aim of this pro
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